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The Square: Art and Society in Korea 1900 -2019

  • 발행처


  • 발행연도

    2019년 12월 24일

  • 페이지수

    182 x 240 x 32mm / 509P

  • 발행


  • 가격

    35,000 원

  • 색상


  • 유형

    Paper back


8 Youn Bummo, Director’s Foreword

12 Kang Seungwan, “On The Square: Art and Society in Korea 1900-2019”


Part I. 1900-1950

22 Kim Inhye, “The Role of Artists in Times of Darkness”

27 1. Records of the Righteous

29 Choi Youl, “The Struggle of Symbols: The Patriot’s Soul and the Flame of Modern Times”

65 2. Art and Enlightenment

67 Kim Mee Young, “Challenge and Resistance: Korean Art and Culture after the March 1st Movement until the 1930s”

111 3. Sound of the People

113 Hong Jisuk, “Ideology and Development of Korea’s Proletarian Art Movement in the Japanese Colonial Period”

159 4. Mind of Korea 161 Kim Hyunsook, “The Trajectory of the Paintings Presenting Joseon”


Part II. 1950-2019

196 Kang Soojung, “The Square: Art and Society in Korea 1900-2019 Part II. 1950-2019: Opposing Chronic Historical Interpretation Syndrome”

209 Kwon Boduerae, “The Public Square Set Forth in The Square: Firm Individuals and Flexible Community”

215 1. Blackened Sun

231 2. Han-gil (One Path)

241 3. Gray Caves

257 4. Painful Sparks

275 Shin Chunghoon, “In Search of a Language of Necessity: Korea’s Art Discourses during the Second Half of the Twentieth Century”

287 Kim Hak-lyang, “The Draft of Monsters Biography in Modern and Contemporary Korean Art: “Jungmi [精美; Clean and Pure Beauty]”, Abstraction, Hangukhwa[Korean Painting], Minjung Art, and Fine Art?”

299 5. Blue Desert

313 6. Arid Sea

325 Chung Dahyoung, Lee Hyunju, Yoon Sorim, “Applied Art: The Zone of Criticism Sparked by Craft, Design, and Architecture”

333 7. White Bird

343 Kim Won, “Memory, Erasure, and Their Complicity: Forgotten Ghosts and Their Representation”


Part III. 2019

354 1. I and the Other

355 Lee Sabine, “The Square, 2019”

393 Yang Hyosil, “The Square: Emergence of Bodies and Politics of Art”

400 Lim Jade Keunhye, “New Discourses on Art Museums as the ‘Square’”

409 2. Museum, Square and Theater

410 Sung Yonghee, “Is the Public Square Possible?”

419 Lee Kyungmi, “The Evaporation of the Real and the Creation of a Nonconforming Theater Space”

425 The list of works for the exhibition

455 The list of artists for the exhibition


459 Glossary

465 Installation View